Jarritos goes to GSD&M?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No offense at all to GSD&M, but I have to say I'm a little disappointed Jarritos didn't go to a Hispanic shop or group.

I'm sure GSD&M's work was great and the brand will do great (I love their Southwest work). It just seemed like the perfect brand for a young, edgy Hispanic shop to own and break into the Gen Market. It was a perfect situation: an undeniably Latin brand, a US consumer that loves consuming cultural authenticity and discovering the next cool cultural thing...who better to tell that authentic story than Hispanic ad pros?

Maybe there's a lesson for us in this. (Maybe not). But maybe it's that the more narrowly we (Hispanic ad pros) focus on the short-term game (getting those Spanish media dollars), the less relevant we are for the (potentially) bigger game: the young, multicultural general market.

Of course there's a way to do both, but it seems we've created such a unique and siloed niche of an industry, that our credentials in the bigger pond are, well...not there. Too bad, because I honestly believe the talent is there--not to mention an absolutely authentic connection to the culture.

And again, congrats to GSD&M on a surely well-deserved win. And good luck to Jarritos. (My kids LOVE the Mandarina one)


Craig Brimm said...

It seems Jarritos isn't interested in their existing base. They want the GM dollars, market and young Caucasian buyers. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Money is money, but what a lost opp to remain authentic and form a more genuine long term appreciative new base. But maybe GSDM can deliver that?

Ken Muench said...

Hey Craig! You're right on all points, although for some reason I felt this one was ripe for a cool, young Hispanic shop to target white buyers. Let's see what GSDM brings to the table. They're a good shop. See if they can channel their latino side.

Marcelo Salup said...

If NO Hispanic ad agencies had been called to the pitch... I could see your point. If GSD&M battled it out AND won... your point is absolutely wrong and it was a deserved win.

If, I assume, Hispanic agencies WERE called, perhaps they just were not able to step up to the plate? Or could not prove the value that they brought to the brand? Or their understanding of the real Hispanic market (vs. some idealized version)?

The knife cuts both ways. I think Hispanic agencies should go after general market accounts and win. By the same token, general market accounts should also go after Hispanic accounts.

That's what capitalism is all about

Zak Jordan said...

For a starters of small advertising agencies, they must always take in mind that upon doing a project they must consider every point needed. Just to make sure you will not frustrate or disappoint anyone, as the saying goes, always put your best foot forward.

Margaret Fuller said...

Nothing beats a good marketing strategy in endorsing or market targeting. A thorough study before making a move in establishing and publicizing it totally.

Jayden Lowe said...

Better yet, GSD&M should instead come up with something that will benefit and protect their ideas with the ongoing tech-evolution. In this way, they could study up and develop a more conducive and helpful system program for their company.

Taylor Mann said...

That's part of the business. Public demand is not that important if they want to save the business. They should take every chance necessary just to save the business.

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